$85 (45 mins)                                 $110 (60 mins)

Much research has been done and continues to emerge that indicates we are still learning about the incredible, and often life-changing benefits of this soulful modality!

Energy Healing is a gentle, non-invasive way of balancing the natural state of Life Force Energy (also known as Chi or Prana). This subtle energy permeates and surrounds all living things. Although Energy Healing is a subtle and gentle method of working with the body, many clients notice obvious benefits during and after the session, comparable to a more physical treatment such as reflexology or massage. These benefits may include, but are not limited to: a deep and often lasting feeling of relaxation, heightened sensitivity, an overall lightness of being, relief of pain and stress as well as a stronger connection to the body (a sense of feeling grounded). Often clients report a sense of feeling renewed as well as more energetic, while some people may want a nap afterwards.

Similar to a massage or reflexology service you will be lying on a treatment table, in a comfortable supported position on your back. You may want a pillow under your head and under your knees to support the spine. You will be fully clothed and only remove your shoes. Your practitioner will discuss before your session whether your would prefer a session with hands on the body or hands off the body.  If you decide you would prefer hands on the body the practitioner will make gentle contact with the body (for example there may be hand placement under the ankles or cradling the head – depending on the technique being used). Other techniques may require the practitioner to remove their hands from the body for several minutes as energy in the Aura / Energy Field is being worked with.