Take your relaxation to the next level.
Add-on ($25)
Add aromatherapy to any service. The add-on does not affect the session duration.
(Select "Massage Add-On" when booking online)
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We offer several types of aromatherapy combinations depending on your healing needs and priorities. Choose the combination that's right for you:

Sports Recovery

Oils that encourage muscle relaxation and decrease inflammation such as Black and Pink Pepper, Wintergreen and Marjoram. This option helps to soothe sore achy areas and restore tired joints.

Rest and Relax

Select oils (Lavender and Chamomile oil amongst others) are used to calm the hyperactivity often present in the nervous system that can increase inflammation, and stress. You'll drift away into a deep peace.


Want to enhance your connection with someone you love? A day of peace and harmony at our spa can be just what you need. Certain oils may assist us to get out of our heads and restore balance to the system. Frankincense, Vetiver, Sandalwood and Lavandin, just to name a few may be used to enhance your couples massage.